Please read the following information before proceeding through registration. It is the angler’s responsibility to ensure all rules are followed to be eligible to win or place in the tournament.

Dates and Fees

  • $100/angler until 11:59 PM September 15th
  • $125/angler September 16th – 11:59 PM September 30th
  • $150/angler October 1st – 11:59 PM October 4th.
  • NO NEW TEAM ENTRIES will be accepted after October 4th.  If you have any team changes after October 4th, you will need to make these changes at tournament check-in on October 6th.

Registration Instructions

  • ALL ANGLERS must create an individual Fishing Chaos account and register individually.
  • Download the Fishing Chaos App on your phone.  Be sure you have the most up to date version of the app installed prior to tournament date.
    1. You may register yourself only
    2. You may register you entire team or only part of the team
    3. Your sponsor may register the team, but must have a Fishing Chaos account.  When a sponsor registers a team, they must choose the “Not Fishing Button” and then register the team.  This does not apply to tournament sponsors.
      • All tournament sponsors must contact Kimberly Prowse at [email protected] with team member information.
  • Registration can be completed via the phone app or by computer.
    1.  Sept. 16 – Registration fee increases to $125
    2. Oct. 1 – Registration fee increases to $150
    3. Oct. 4 – LAST DAY to register.
      • No registration will be taken at the Captain’s Meeting


  1. Create your Fishing Chaos account
  2. All anglers MUST acknowledge the Hold Harmless before being able to proceed – found by Clicking Here.
  3. All anglers MUST acknowledge that they have read the rules and reviewed the “How To” video for measuring their fish. You can visit the Rules Page and the following link is the how to:  
  1. The TEAM CAPTAIN will select the “Team (Guided or NonGuided) Open” ticket and create the team name.  Review videos below to see how team members are added.


Pots can be entered at the Captain’s Meeting.  These will be CASH ONLY.

Little Babes will be individual tickets only (no teams).

Watch the videos following the links above for  how to proceed through the registration process.

Registration Video Tutorial

Registration for Babes on Baffin
Adding Team Members

Tournament Events Dates/Times

REGISTRATION CHECK-IN AND SOCIAL – Marker 37 Marina, Corpus Christi

  • Friday, October 6th, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Food available for purchase at Marker 37 or Snoopy’s Pier
  • Alcoholic beverages available for purchase at Marker 37. Outside alcoholic beverages are not allowed.
  • Come dressed in your Team Costumes (Friday night ONLY) – Winner will be announced at Weigh-In
  • Best Team Name will be announced at Weigh-In
  • Any Rule Changes will be announced

TOURNAMENT AND MEAL – Marker 37 Marina, Corpus Christi

  • Saturday, October 7th Weigh-in at Marker 37 Marina in Corpus Christi
  • Meal will be served starting at 3:00 pm
  • One (1) meal Ticket Provided per Entry Fee
  • Alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase at Marker 37. Outside alcoholic beverages are not allowed
  • Additional meal tickets can be purchased in advance or at the event for $15.00/plate

Awards & Prizes


  • Grand Champion: Longest FULL Team Stringer of Eligible Fish
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Team Awards:
    • Longest Eligible Trout, Red, Drum – Professional Guide
    • Longest Eligible Trout, Red, Drum – Non-professional Guide
  • Little Babes – Longest Eligible Fish
  • Team Costume Contest
  • Team Name Contest


  • Pots are $50.00 for each pot per team. Payout is 100% to the winners, split 75/25 between 1st and 2nd teams entered in the pots
  • Pots are CASH ONLY
  • Separate pots for Guided & Non-Guided:
    • Longest Trout
    • Longest Red
    • Longest Drum
    • Longest Team Stringer
    • Most Spots on a Red
  • Tie-breaker determined by earliest entry submission
  • Cash Pots can only be entered during Friday’s check-in and social