Tournament Rules

2019 Babes on Baffin Rules

It is the responsibility of all Tournament Anglers, Guides and Boat Drivers to understand, and abide by all rules.  If you have any question regarding any rule, please address your questions before the event by contacting us at [email protected] or at the Captain’s Meeting on Friday, October 6, 2023.

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2023 Rules
Babes on Baffin Women’s Fishing Tournament

(Rules are subject to change at the discretion of the Tournament Committee, and all last-minute changes will be announced at the Captain’s Meeting)

RELAX & HAVE FUN – We want everyone to have fun!  Come out to enjoy the fellowship with fellow conservationists and friends.  We are trying to make this a conservation minded event, so please be patient with staff, other teams, and people fishing.  Enjoy the weekend of being on the water, cold drinks, and good food!  The Babes on Baffin Staff wants to thank all of you for everything you do to support CCA, so enjoy the weekend, kick back, and relax!

TOURNAMENT REGISTRATION – Tournament registration must be completed through the Fishing Chaos App.  For app downloads, visit

  • Acknowledgement of Hold Harmless – You must acknowledge the Tournament Hold Harmless prior to advancing through your registration process.
  • Acknowledgement to Rules Review – You must acknowledge that you have read the Tournament Rules prior to advancing through your registration process. This includes reviewing the linked video below for how to measure fish for submission.  Once you have acknowledged the rules and reviewed the video, you will be held solely accountable for your submission.  If you have questions before proceeding, contact us at [email protected].
  • IMPORTANT – TEAM NAMES – You will be registering individually and your captain will be creating your team name.

TOURNAMENT FORMATThe Babes on Baffin Tournament will be a Catch-Photo­-Release (CPR) format tournament.  The tournament will be facilitated through the Fishing Chaos app.


  • Grand Champion: Longest FULL Team Stringer of Eligible Fish
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Team Awards:
    • Longest Eligible Trout, Red, Drum – Professional Guide
    • Longest Eligible Trout, Red, Drum – Non-professional Guide
  • Little Babes – Longest Eligible Fish
  • Team Costume Contest
  • Team Name Contest
  • Smallest FULL (Legal) Team Stringer of Eligible Fish

MEASURING DEVICE – You will be required to purchase a 32” Ketch Karbonate board during check-in for the tournament.  The price of the measuring board will be $25 each, in addition to your normal entry fees.  The 32” Ketch Karbonate board is the only board that will be allowed to be used in the tournament.  All submissions must be made on the 32” Ketch Karbonate board.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

TOKEN – All tournament photo submissions must include the tournament token in the photograph.  Each team will be given two tokens at tournament check-in, and token will remain unknown until that time.  Each team is given an extra token in case one is dropped or lost.    The photo submission must include the token in the photographNO EXCEPTIONS.

STRINGER – The team stringer consists of (2) redfish, (2) trout, and (1) drum.   You may submit as many fish as you wish, however each fish submitted must be released.  The Fishing Chaos app will “cull” the stringers as fish are entered.  Please remember all teams are subject to a polygraph exam.

  • REDFISH – Redfish submitted must be at least 20″ and not greater than 28″. Length may not exceed 28”.  No tagged redfish will be accepted.
  • TROUT – Trout submitted must be at least 17” and not greater than 23”. Length may not exceed 23”.
  • DRUM – Black Drum submitted must be at least 14” and not greater than 30”. Length may not exceed 30”.

MEASUREMENT – All measurements must be taken with the belly of the fish to the bottom of the board.  In this manner, the measurements will read left to right.  The nose of the fish must be butted to the end stop of the board and the TOP POINT OF THE TAIL of the fish must sit within the black indicator lines on the board.  You may pull the top tip of the tail as necessary in order to maintain the top tip of the tail within the black line indicators on the boardDo not cover the eyes or any portion or edge of the tail spot of the fishFish will be measured in ¼” incrementsThe fish must touch and/or pass the ¼” increment on the Ketch measuring board in order to be entered as such.Review proper measurement by clicking the following link.  This video was created for CCA’s Inter-chapter Challenge and other CCA Texas tournaments.




CATCH ENTRY – Your catch must be submitted into the Fishing Chaos app.  Your phone must have location services turned on your phone for the Fishing Chaos and Camera apps.  If you are in an area that has no cell signal to make your submittal, once you reach an area with signal or return to the dock, upload your photographs to the Fishing Chaos app.  Fishing time (lines out) ends at 3:00 PM.  All photo/fish submissions must be completed by 3:45 PM.  All top (3) teams of each division must be present at the tournament tent no later than 4:00 PM for any review questions and possible polygraph.

CATCH ENTRY REVIEW – All catch entries will be reviewed and approved by a third party tournament review team.  Any protests in review of entries will be handled by Babes on Baffin committee members and tournament review team member.

REDFISH SPOT POT – You will enter your spot pot entries into the Fishing Chaos App.  The spot pot entry must be a slot redfish, and can or cannot be a part of your stringer. Fishing Chaos will automatically leave it as part of the stringer or it will cull it. The following link will show you how to entry your spot pot entry.

How to Submit a Spot Pot Entry

FISHING LICENSE – You must have a valid/current fishing license from Texas Parks and Wildlife to fish in this tournament. Fish this tournament according to the rules enforced by Texas Parks and Wildlife. Citations for not observing these regulations are very expensive. Any team/person receiving a citation during this event will be disqualified.

ONE POLE PER ANGLER – You can have more than one rod per angler on the boat or in person while wading, but you cannot fish with more than one at a time.

TEAM – This is a women’s only amateur fishing tournament. Your team may consist of up to four women and one guide/driver.  The guide/driver may be a male or female. There may be only one male on the boat and that individual may not fish at any time. No exceptions. Unless your guide/driver is part of the team, they may not fish at any time.  The team may operate from one boat only. All individuals on the boat must be listed on the registration form.

Divisions – The tournament field is comprised of two divisions Guided Division and Non-Guided Division. Any team that wishes to fish with a TPWD Licensed Fishing Guide either aboard their boat(s) or as a member of the team must enter in the Guided Division. All other teams (including those with male boat drivers who are not TPWD Licensed Fishing Guides) will be in the Non-Guided Division.

ASSISTANCE – Someone may assist you in baiting your hook, casting, netting, and measuring. It is your job to “set the hook” and reel the fish to the boat or net.  Your team mate(s), or guide/captain my assist you in measuring your fish and it is encouraged.

BOUNDARIES – Boundaries are the territorial waters of the State of Texas including the common boundary waters of Texas and Louisiana as defined by TPWD. No fish taken outside tournament boundaries, from private impoundments or other waters not legally accessible to the general public will be eligible for entry.

ALTERING FISH – The fish weighed in cannot be altered in any way. Tails cannot be cut, nothing can be stuffed in them, and they must be fresh and caught on tournament day within the tournament boundaries.

TIME – Fishing begins 30 minutes prior to official sunrise on Saturday.  Official start time will be 6:55 AM.  Actual time will be announced on Friday evening at the Captain’s meeting.  Fish submittals will be live throughout the day.  Fishing time ends at 3:00 PM.  All photo/fish submissions must be completed by 3:45 pm.  All top three teams of each division must be present at the tournament venue no later than 4:00 PM for any review questions and possible polygraph.

TIES – All ties will be broken by the time of submittal of the last fish to complete the stringer.  (Example: If two teams are tied with 100”, the team that reached 100” first by submittal time will declared the winner of the tie-breaker).  For individual fish awards, the first fish submitted will be the tie-breaker.

POLYGRAPH – All contestants agree to take a polygraph test if required by a Babes on Baffin or CCA Board Member, or the Babes on Baffin weigh master.  The test will be taken at a time and place requested by the Corpus Christi CCA Chapter.  Refusal to take the test or failing the test will result in disqualification of the team.  The individual taking the test will be determined by the tournament director.

PENALTIESAny angler and/or team found to have intentionally cheated in an attempt to defraud the tournament may be subject to criminal prosecution by the State of Texas including misdemeanor and up to a state felony and jail time.  Any angler and/or team found to have intentionally cheated in an attempt to defraud the tournament will also forfeit any awards and prize money they may have won, and be banned from any future Babes on Baffin, and CCA Tournaments.

PROTEST – All tournament participants have the right to protest the results or actions of any team. In order to protest, you must present your written complaint to the Tournament Director no later than 15 minutes after the official close of the tournament fishing hours.  Unless a change is announced, the official tournament end time is 3:45 PM CST. Any photographic evidence to support your protest must be submitted to [email protected] no later than 15 minutes after the official close of the tournament.  A $100 protest fee must accompany the written protest and will be refunded if the protest is upheld.  If the protest is declined, no refund will occur. The protest will be reviewed by no less than the Tournament Director, review team member, and two other committee members. All protest information will be forwarded to the polygraph team as deemed necessary.

SPORTSMANSHIP – Any angler, who displays poor sportsmanship, violates any Tournament Rule (s), or any state or local game laws may be disqualified without refund or recourse. In addition, any act of an angler, verbal or physical, that reflects unfavorably upon CCA’s effort to promote conservation, fishing, clean waters, courtesy, and safety may be reason for disqualification from this and all future CCA tournaments.  The Tournament Committee also reserves the right to refuse application of entry, with or without cause, at its sole discretion.  Any applicant refused entry shall be entitled to a refund of their entry fee.

CATASTROPHIC EVENT – An event that affects the normal activities/progression of the tournament. This will be determined by no less than three committee members.  It may or may not affect any or all rules.

ENTRY FEES – $100.00 per contestant if entry is received by midnight CST, September 15th. After September 15th the fee is $125.00 per contestant.  After September 30th, the entry fee is $150.  There will be no entries accepted after October 5th. Entry fee includes 1 year membership to CCA. If you register, and can’t fish and want the swag bag, you must contact us 2 weeks prior to the tournament.

REFUNDS – A full refund will be given for a full team cancellation or withdrawal if received by September 22, 2023. No refund will be given for the cancellation or withdrawal of an individual team member(s). No refunds will be given if the Tournament is postponed and rescheduled for another date.

CASH POTS – The following pots will be available to participate in.  All pots will pay 75% to 1st Place and 25% to 2nd Place.  All ties in the Cash Pots will be broken by the first fish submitted captured from the submission data.  Stringer tie is broken by team to reach tied length first by submission time.  All Cash Pot winners are subject to a polygraph.


Non-Guided Any Bait

Any Bait

Longest Stringer



Longest Slot Red



Longest Slot Trout



Longest Slot Drum



Spot Pot



SPOT POT ENTRIES – You will enter your spot pot entries into the Fishing Chaos App.  The spot pot entry must be a slot redfish, and can or cannot be a part of your stringer. Fishing Chaos will automatically leave it as part of the stringer or it will cull it. The following link will show you how to entry your spot pot entry.

How to Submit a Spot Pot Entry

CAPTAIN’S MEETING – Captain’s meeting is on the Friday night at the kick-off event at 8:00PM CST.  It is mandatory that one person from the team be present.

GENERAL INFORMATION – The tournament grounds hold a TABC license to serve alcoholic beverages, which makes it illegal for anyone to bring alcoholic beverages on the tournament grounds.  Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

FOOD Food will be provided by Marker 37 on Saturday.  Food will be available for purchase on Friday & Saturday from Marker 37 or Snoopy’s Pier.

For additional information, call CCA Corpus Christi at (361) 882-5199 or [email protected].


  • As stated in the rules, all fish submitted for tournament entry must be released.
  • Please handle all fish with respect and care, and use a boga or fish gripping type device to help handle your fish.
  • Wet your hands before handling your fish.
  • We encourage bait fishermen to use circle hooks. This will allow for fewer deep hook ups and easier fish releases.
  • Deep hooked fish – if you have a deeply hooked fish, we encourage you to simply cut your line, take your measurement, photograph, and release the fish.
  • Wade fishing – we encourage your guide/captain to wade the area with you and assist you in measuring your fish as your catch them for quick release. If you choose to retain your fish until you return to the boat, you are encouraged to use a “fish bag” type of retention system.  These are manufactured by several companies including ForEverlast and Hook Set Marine GearRemember, all submitted fish must be released.  Please release as quickly as possible and take care in your handling of the fish.
  • Videos will be posted showing proper measuring techniques and do’s and don’ts. We encourage you to watch these.
  • Videos will be posted on how to use the Fishing Chaos app
  • Fishing Chaos will provide a “practice” tournament prior to the event. The Tournament encourages entrants to practice with the system in order to familiarize themselves with it prior to the tournament.
  • We encourage you to visit org for more information about handling and releasing fish.

2019 Rules Downloadable/printable rules